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Our Gaming Philosophy

Bridging Passion, Strategy, and Growth

Mindform’s Beginnings

A Fusion of Passion and Technology

In the dynamic landscape of esports, every now and then, a unique concept emerges that sets the bar higher and redefines the boundaries of gaming. One such groundbreaking venture is Mindform, a brainchild that sprung from a harmonious collaboration between three industry: Sportbrein, Vorteq, and Decade IT.

While each entity was a powerhouse in its own right, together they resonated a synergy that amplified their individual strengths. The story of Mindform’s conception is as intriguing as the game itself. It wasn’t just another project on their roster but was deeply rooted in passion, innovation, and a shared aspiration to elevate the gaming experience for players worldwide.

Sportbrein, with its sports-centric ethos, Vorteq, known for its cutting-edge technological prowess, and Decade IT, celebrated for its innovative IT solutions, brought their collective knowledge and expertise to the table. Their dream was not merely to create a game, but to craft an experience; an immersive journey that would captivate and inspire its players.

It’s essential to realize that the inception of Mindform wasn’t an overnight affair. It was a meticulously planned venture, woven together by countless brainstorming sessions, endless hours of development, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The collaborative spirit of these three visionaries has been the bedrock on which Mindform was built, promising players a gaming experience like never before.

Collaborative Endeavors

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