Navigating the World of Esports: Understanding the Role and Perception of the Game Coach

Esports has surged in popularity over the past decade, revolutionizing the world of sports and gaming. As it integrates seamlessly with modern sports and ventures further into the realm of online gaming, one can’t help but delve into the intricate layers that make up this burgeoning domain. Among the pivotal elements that contribute to the success and evolution of esports, the role of the esports coach or game coach stands out. These coaches play a paramount role in crafting strategies, devising plans, and ensuring players are at their physical and mental pinnacle.

The Pioneering Perceptions of Esports Coaches

A recent study by Pekel et al. (2022) provides invaluable insights into how esports coaches perceive the concept of esports. The study paints a vivid picture, drawing upon the metaphorical perceptions of 50 coach candidates—comprising 40 males and 10 females—who participated in the first-ever esports 1st level coaching course in 2021.

Leveraging the phenomenology design, a qualitative research approach, the study invited participants to share their personal metaphors on esports. The participants completed the statement, “esports is like/similar to ……; because ……” offering a glimpse into their deeply ingrained beliefs, experiences, and perceptions about this emerging sports discipline.

Positive Resonance with a Note of Caution

The analysis revealed a predominantly positive resonance with the concept of esports among the coach candidates. This is an encouraging sign, especially considering the general skepticism surrounding computer games and their potential adverse health implications. The study highlights the evolving mindset where modern gaming coaches see past the stereotypes associated with gaming and recognize the myriad opportunities esports brings to the table.

However, it’s essential to address the elephant in the room: the lingering concerns about the health implications of computer games. While these reservations are significant, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from most coach candidates indicates a shift in perspective. Esports, under the guidance of well-informed game coaches, can pave the way for a healthier, more strategic, and more professional approach to gaming.

The Path Ahead: Recommendations and Future Considerations

The study recommends periodic follow-ups, ideally on an annual basis, to continuously gauge the evolving needs of esports coaches. With the rapid technological advancements in the world of gaming, the requirements, strategies, and roles of game coaches are bound to evolve. Regular checks will ensure that these coaches are equipped with the latest knowledge, tools, and techniques, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the esports revolution.


The world of esports is in a dynamic state of evolution, with numerous stakeholders playing crucial roles in shaping its future. Among them, the game coach or esports coach stands as a beacon of guidance, strategy, and expertise. As the perceptions around esports continue to evolve, it’s essential to understand and acknowledge the insights and feedback from these coaches. They are, after all, the individuals who will play an instrumental role in charting the course of esports in the years to come.

In a nutshell, while challenges persist, the future of esports, under the able guidance of well-equipped game coaches, looks bright and promising. As the industry grows, adapts, and evolves, it’s these coaches who will ensure that the ship stays on course, navigating the turbulent waters with expertise and strategy.


Pekel, Aylin & Çakır, Yasin & Kırıkoğlu, Nagihan & Şahin, Yekta & Pekel, Hacı. (2022). Metaphorical perceptions of esports coaches to the concept of esports. 5. 35-47. 10.53025/sportive.1185575

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash

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