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The development of Mindform, a game aimed at enhancing the mindset of esports players, showcases an innovative approach by integrating psychological research into its design. This initiative is underscored by the collaboration with Jennifer Schulze and Finn Tempelaar. Jennifer Schulze, a researcher at Esport Team Twente, focuses on the impact of psychology on player performance enhancement. Finn Tempelaar, on the other hand, is an accomplished League of Legends esports athlete. The synergy between Tempelaar’s practical experience and Schulze’s academic insights has been instrumental in ensuring that Mindform’s design and mechanics are not only innovative but also realistically address the challenges faced by players in esports environments.

A component of this collaboration is encapsulated in Schulze’s analysis, “The Coach And Enemy Voice in Mindform: A Psychological Perspective.” This study proposes a framework for Mindform’s narrative elements, aiming to influence player behavior positively by developing cognitive skills and resilience. The paper critically evaluates the game’s implementation of coach and enemy voice mechanics against psychological theories such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), growth mindsets, mindfulness, and motivation. Schulze’s objective assessment seeks to unearth any theoretical or practical design inconsistencies, scrutinize the efficacy of voice lines, and recommend modifications to enhance their impact based on additional psychological research.

From this analysis, a draft intervention plan has been derived, suggesting a systematic pathway for player development. This plan is expected to refine the game’s psychological underpinnings further, optimizing Mindform as a tool for esports training.

Mindform’s approach exemplifies the value of applying psychological research in game development to support esports players’ growth. This initiative highlights the potential for games to go beyond entertainment, serving as platforms for personal and professional development in the competitive esports landscape. The project underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in pushing the boundaries of traditional game design, offering a model for future endeavors in the esports and gaming industries.

In a later phase, Finn and Jenny will conduct scientific research on the transfer effect of Mindform. With Mindform, we hope to create a game that genuinely helps players improve, thanks in part to the contributions from Jennifer and Finn.


Schulze, J. (2024). The coach and enemy voice in Mindform: A psychological perspective. Esport Team Twente, Enschede, Nederland.

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